One of the leading school with all facilities.

A Glimpse of the journey of bha
Bishop Hartmann Academy situated at Ara Gate, came into existence as an educational institution under Capuchin

Friars Minor Society Ranchi to update education as worthy citizen of India in support of the local people. It is focused

on over all development of the pupils, which ultimately brings the intellectual and moral format of knowledge and

discipline. Myself, being a teacher have witnessed many ups and downs in running the school. However, with the

passage of time, I was apprehensive that the institution will give a maximum output in the field of education which is

probably noticed day in and day out even regarding extra curricular activities. Principals of this school were very

considerate towards their staff and also, the student’s problem and ability. The management never failed to give in

much value on self discipline, knowledge and education. I am happy notice a team work among the staff and wish the

school to reach a remarkable height. Wish a Bright success with the co-operation of the guardians.

Mrs. Bahalen Khalkho


Education of girls for National Development .

Women mean one half of the humanity.All talks of national reconstruction are hollow without the education of women .National regeneration is possible only when educated girls are in the forefront of national development .So far it has been a male dominated world , women played only second fiddle to men in all walks of life .They were condemned to be within the fur walls of the house .However education has given them a new confidence .The scenario is changing fast .The academic is no longer the monopoly of men .

More and more young women are coming forward to challenge the dominance of men .The citadel of self –claimed superiority of men is cracking .Educated girls and women are contributing to the welfare of society .Name any walk of life and you will find women excelling there .They have proved to be better doctors , artists and engineers than many of their male counterparts.However complete literacy of women still remains a distant dream .Many conservative parents still suffer from superstitions and outdated beliefs .The percentage of women’s literacy among the scheduled casts and scheduled .Tribes and the economically weaker sections are exceptionally low .Many state governmeny has given some special incentives to attract more and more girls to schools and colleges .It will help in emploiting women’s skills and talents for national development .It is actually the need of the house.


Mr. Gopinath

Developed by : Students of School